Trevor Penfold – Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photograper, Trevor Penfold tacks a few minutesTrevor Penfold takes a few minutes to have his photograph taken on a sunny beach, on Lady Elliot Island. One of the islands in the Great Barrier Reef.

Seeing as you’ve taken the time to visit this page I’m guessing you would like to know a bit more about me! Well I’m afraid its not all that exciting – but you’ve asked, so here goes…

Born, well yes, in 1964 actually, so I’m afraid the years seem to be ticking past a lot faster than I would like. I grew up in south-east England with my mum and dad, and two sisters, that even today, I have to admit, I still get a warped sense of pleasure in winding them up, but love them dearly, all the same. My childhood was nothing out of the ordinary and even at a young age I had a love of animals. This grew from probably having many pets: dogs, cat, goldfish, lizards and a rabbit. Well the rabbit was my sister’s which would probably explain why it attacked me at every opportunity.

Life ticked by with the usual: school – electrical apprenticeship – became a self-employed electrician and builder – and the usual day-to-day stuff life brings; but it was a move to Scotland in my early 30’s that rekindled my childhood love of nature and the great outdoors.

The real turning point came after meeting my wife, Jenny – yes I know, I actually managed to find someone who was willing to marry me, and no, bribery wasn’t involved.

It was our honeymoon that really triggered my passion for wildlife, as we spent almost two weeks on safari in Kenya and Tanzania. By the end of it I had a new passion, yes obviously my new wife, but also photography. Capturing images of some of the world’s most amazing animals that I had only ever seen on TV. This became quite addictive, and something I felt worthwhile and connected to. The seed had been sown.

Over the following years I developed my photographic skills as much as time would allow. After a couple of years a new addition to the family arrived, our delightful and beautiful daughter, and so life changed again, as I’m sure many of you who have kids of your own will know. In 2005 we had another major change as we upped sticks from our home in Devon to move to the other side of the world, New Zealand.

It was the move to New Zealand that enabled me to concentrate more and more on developing my skills as a photographer, some may even say talented photographer, I’ll let you decide that after you’ve looked at my images.

I’ve tried to keep this post light hearted, but there is a serious side to my work. My drive to take great images comes from the love I have of our natural environment and the wildlife it supports. I try to use my skills to showcase the amazing diversity of animals with which we share our planet. My aim is to raise awareness of the importance of using the environment in a sustainable way – not only for our benefit, but also for all the other species that depend upon it. I try to capture images that will hopefully engage the viewer, connecting them with the subject – whether on an emotional, artistic or intellectual level.

Through my work I try to donate as much as possible to organizations involved in conservation and animal welfare – so far including: Whaingaroa Harbour Care, Raglan; Forest & Bird, N.Z.; and the S.P.C.A. – from profits generated by sales.

Today I live in Raglan, New Zealand, with my wife and daughter. I run photography workshops for groups and individuals, write wildlife photography books and articles, and generally try to enjoy life.

Okay, you can wake up now I’ve finished.